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For over ten years, NW Montana Web Designs continues to provide quality websites for businesses and organizations in the Troy, Libby, Yaak and surrounding communites of Northwest Montana!

Need a Website?

Need a great website for your business or organization? It is easy to become overwhelmed and uncertain which direction to go with the wide variety of options available. Who do you trust and what will work the best for you? I make it easy for you. Give me a call at 406.295.4903 with what you are looking for in a website along with any questions you may have.

Revitalize your Existing Website

Is your current website is failing to achieve your goals, obtain great search engine rankings, or lost it's overall professionalism? I bring over a decade of experience in turning a disappointing website into a positive, impressive website for your business or organization.
Let me help provide you with a great website!

Call 406.295.4903 to discuss your website needs and what I can do to provide you with an amazing website!

Prompt, Friendly, Local, and Professional Customer Service

At Northwest Montana Web Designs you can expect a level of service which is difficult to find anymore.
Relaxed, friendly and professional approach in providing simple and clear answers to questions you may have. You will find that I am easy to work with. No special sales pitch or baseless scare tactics used. Each client is respectfully treated with trust and care.

A simple handshake or your word is good enough for me.
A refreshing approach which many appreciate, value and respect.

Affordable Website Service

I work with you to help keep your expenses low allowing you to work within your budget. Not everyone is able to "Do it Yourself", or has already been down that road before. I do not have a "team of experts" (just one), nor have various "offices" around the country. As such, I am able to provide a realistic and reasonable rate for you! While I do not work for free - I do what I can to keep your costs affordable!

Quality Customized Websites

Each website is unique and specifically designed utilizing a proven strategy which not only provides you with a professional and personalized look, but also helps maximize your website's potential. I never use a "template" or a "Do it Yourself" format, or simply recode a kit site. The quality websites I design as a standard include: